Saved by the Bell
Episode Title Mistakes
Season 3
3 The Aftermath (2) 0
4 The Game 0
5 Operation Zack 0
6 Fourth of July 0
7 Check Your Mate 0
8 My Boyfriend's Back 0
9 Fake I.D.'s 0
10 Boss Lady 0
11 Pipe Dreams 1
12 The Last Weekend 0
13 The Wicked Stepbrother (1) 0
14 The Wicked Stepbrother (2) 1
15 Date Auction 0
16 All in the Mall 0
17 S.A.T.'s 0
18 Palm Springs Weekend (1) 0
19 Palm Springs Weekend (2) 0
20 Hold Me Tight 0
21 No Hope With Dope 3
22 Rockumentary 0

Save the Max - S2-E3

Factual error: When Zack is given the old newspaper with Mr. Belding's article, the headline reads, "Picture on pages 3 and 4." When he looks at the picture, he looks at the middle of the paper, with quite a few pages at both sides of the newspaper. Pages 3 and 4 would be near the front and would be on opposite sides of the same page.

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Lisa: Yeah, 'I have all these problems and there's no-one ever there for me. I talk and talk and talk but no-one ever listens.'.

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Show generally

Question: In the very beginning of the series Zach, Lisa, Screech and Mr. Belding all live in Indiana and attend the same junior high. Somehow they all end up in Malibu, California attending the same high school. Does anyone else find this a little odd?

Answer: The show that took place in Indiana that you are referring to was titled "Good Morning Miss Bliss." This show only lasted one season. The kids on the show, however, were popular so they decided to create a spin-off titled "Saved By the Bell," that aired on Saturday Mornings. I'm sure they changed the location because they thought the California setting would make the show more fun and watchable for pre-teens and teens.


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