The West Wing

365 Days - S6-E12

Continuity mistake: As the President leads the staff out of the Oval Office, the rear angle shot shows Kate Harper is ahead of Annabeth Schott. But the angle reverses to show them emerging from the office as Kate is coming around Annabeth's right side to pass her. (00:40:00)


365 Days - S6-E12

Continuity mistake: When Kate Harper and Sec. Hutchinson are arguing about the hostages in Bolivia, the digital clocks on the wall behind Kate don't sync properly as the shot switches between the two of them. (00:30:15)

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In Season 1, Episodes 5&6, it's mentioned several times that Zoey is already 19 a few weeks before she starts college. Yet in this episode, Charlie points out to Leo and the President later tells Oliver Babbish that Zoey was 17 when she was filling out her enrollment forms for college, therefore a parent had to sign them. These are enrollment forms, not application forms - it's extremely unlikely that they were filled out over a year before she started school.



The theme tune heard for the show "Capital Beat" is actually the theme music for the UK's "News at Ten" on ITV.