The West Wing

Evidence of Things Not Seen - S4-E20

New this week Continuity mistake: Will Bailey is wearing a military uniform for the only time in the show (as it is revealed he is a reservist Lieutenant in the USAF). On his uniform shirt there are three medal ribbons-bars. Those ribbon-bars (worn in the correct order from left to right) are as follows: 1. The Air Force Organisational Excellence Award Ribbon 2. The National Defence Service Medal Ribbon 3. The Air Force Training Ribbon. After the shooting incident outside the Press Briefing Room (where gunshots hit one of the windows), Lt. Will Bailey can be seen wearing his three ribbon-bars (incorrect) in the reverse order. Then following on in the two subsequent scenes Will's medal ribbons-bars are back in the correct order. (00:08:05 - 00:16:15)

Evidence of Things Not Seen - S4-E20

Continuity mistake: In the closing minute, when C.J. Is trying to stand the egg on its end, the camera pans to the clock for DC, and it reads 12:00. But as she sits at the table, her watch reads 7:15. Then, in the next camera shot, zooming in onto the egg, you can see that C.J.'s watch reads 7:25.


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In Season 1, Episodes 5&6, it's mentioned several times that Zoey is already 19 a few weeks before she starts college. Yet in this episode, Charlie points out to Leo and the President later tells Oliver Babbish that Zoey was 17 when she was filling out her enrollment forms for college, therefore a parent had to sign them. These are enrollment forms, not application forms - it's extremely unlikely that they were filled out over a year before she started school.



The theme tune heard for the show "Capital Beat" is actually the theme music for the UK's "News at Ten" on ITV.