The Powerpuff Girls
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Truant Officer: I was being sarcastic, which is another big word you'll learn in school. But you wouldn't know that considering you've never attended one of this country's great educational facilities, which is a thought that just sickens me.

Narrator: Sugar. Spice. And everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girls. But Professor Utonium accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction... Chemical X. Thus the Powerpuff Girls were born. Using their ultra-superpowers, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup have dedicated their lives to fighting crime and the forces of evil.

Captain Righteous: You're not pulling my prosthetic leg are you?

Police Chief: Well I'll be bamboozled.

Narrator: Mojo Jojo! Say it ain't so-so.

Mayor: No! I didn't take it! It was Ms. Bellum.
Narrator: There! It's time for you to make your speech.
Mayor: Okay... what speech?
Narrator: The speech you will make.
Mayor: Oh.
Narrator: No, not "oh!" You.
Mayor: Why?
Narrator: No, you.
Mayor: You?
Narrator: No, not me! You, the mayor.
Mayor: Me?
Narrator: Yes! That's what I said.
Mayor: Now, wait a minute. Who's "I"?
Narrator: I is you.
Mayor: Stop it.
Narrator: Gee, are you okay?
Mayor: I don't know any more.
Narrator: Oh, forget it.

Professor Utonium: Bring it on, daddy-o.
Mojo Jojo: Oh that is so lame. You will PAY for your use of inappropriate dialogue.

Mojo Jojo: But, but, but.
Blossom: But is right, and yours is about to get kicked.

Bubbles: Goodness gracious! Sir, you are being slowly digested. We need to get you to a hospital.

Buttercup: It's about time the Mayor filled that giant pothole.
Bubbles: I think it's nice that the Mayor is keeping Townsville nice.
Bubbles: Uh, filling potholes is his job, Bubbles. Being nice has nothing to do with it.

Buttercup: Fighting robot? For what?
Professor Utonium: So all the nerds out there will think I'm cool.

Princess: I know you think I'm too little to own my own city, but don't worry. I won't let you down. I'll be the best little capitalist piglet Princess you ever had.

Mojo Jojo: I wasn't born a super villain chimp with an oversized brain you know. Evil geniuses are made not born.

Buttercup: Well, I wish there is something that would happen.
Bubbles: The gang Green gang! You wish for them? I thought you were over them.
Buttercup: Why do you gotta bring up old stuff?

Narrator: Just because you're a genius doesn't mean you're a smart guy.

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Question: I've heard that the original name for this show wasn't "The Powerpuff Girls" and that the original name had to be censored. Anyone knows what was the original name of this show and why it was censored?

Answer: The original name of the show was "The Whoopass Girls", so called because their father accidentally spilled a can of whoopass into the sugar, spice, and everything nice. The reason that this was changed should be obvious. You'll never be able to sell a bunch of toys to children if these toys have the the word "whoopass" on the front.


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