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Quantum Leap (1989)

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Corrected entry: For those not familiar with the show, a scientist named Sam leaps into peoples' bodies and changes their futures. Us viewers see the person as Sam, but characters in the show still see the person Sam has leapt into. So when Sam leaps into a child or a short person, the other characters should technically be looking at Sam's chest when they are trying to look him in the eyes because that's where their eyes would be. Instead, they always look right into Sam's eyes - too high if you are really talking to a child or short person.

Correction: Remember God, Time or Whatever wants Sam to complete his missions with a minimum of fuss & hassle so things will change to how it wants so if Sam is trying to gauge someones reactions he would need to see their expressions. Also if something can make Sam journey through time whats to say it can't force someones perception so they actually do see things how they are meant to be whilst looking into Sams eyes, as we don't know the extent of the things powers we can't make a guess as to its limits.

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