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3 mistakes in Jimmy - October 14, 1964

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Jimmy - October 14, 1964 - S2-E8

Factual error: The episode is set in 1964. When Frank and Jimmy first arrive at the dock and some of the dock workers are harassing Jimmy, there is a nice set of period appropriate cars in the foreground that the other dock workers are around, but in the background we see street traffic with 1980s cars driving by. (00:10:50)


Jimmy - October 14, 1964 - S2-E8

Continuity mistake: Near the end of the episode Michael Madsen's character attempts to run over Sam with a forklift, causing the boy to fall into the water and almost drown. As the boy is falling into the water, there is a wide shot of the action. In the scene, a box is being pushed over the edge into the harbor. In the close shot following, the box is gone, as are other items nearby.

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Jimmy - October 14, 1964 - S2-E8

Revealing mistake: When Sam is helping Frank clean his truck, an old couple passes as they are talking. Watch the shadows on the left side of the frame right before they enter. The shadows pause for a second, and then the couple walks on screen as they are being cued by the director.

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Al: Well, we been having some difficulty. Ziggy, he's, uh, going through mood swings. I think we need get a girl computer put it right next to him, one with a nice set of hard disks.
Sam: You would.

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Leaping of the Shrew - September 27, 1956 - S5-E3

Question: Shortly after Sam throws some items off the life raft, Al appears and tells him that because of what Sam had done, neither he nor Vanessa would be saved for quite a while. If Sam had not done anything, both of them would have been rescued within an hour. I might be wrong about this next part so further verification will help. Al also said that because of Sam throwing stuff into the ocean, that somehow, instead if only being stranded in the lifeboat for a few minutes, four whole hours have passed. How could tossing anything into the ocean have made time move so rapidly?

Answer: Sam threw items off the raft to lighten the load, so it wouldn't sink, in doing so he made the raft less heavy. Which made easier to float with the currents, if it was heavy the raft would have moved slower and not moved so far.

Except that Al said that immediately after throwing stuff out of the boat four hours passed and it was shown that they didn't really move from where they were. They were still in the same spot. Forgot to ask this too. When Sam and Vanessa are stranded on the island, one of them, can't remember who, did something and when Al appears, he tells them that because of it, time had suddenly skipped several more hours and if the event hadn't been interrupted, they would have been rescued by a boat. So, what happened on the island that once again caused time to speed up? It seems kind of strange that time could move so quickly on the island, especially since it was still day time and it never showed any sort of changes like the sun or clouds moving.

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