Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
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Valerie: Gordy, are you even aware that there's a dance on Friday?
Salem: I'll pick you up at 8. What kind of flowers do you like?
Valerie: Surprise me.
Salem: That means roses.

Sabrina: Having magic and being a witch is great and all, but I can't live without seeing my mother.

Hilda: What's my bra doing on the roof?
Salem: Erm, the squirrels needed a nutfeeder.

Salem: Hello, this is your guard speaking. Harvey is at the front door, and send me a sandwich.

Zelda: So that's your plan?
Vesta: Please, I don't plan! I scheme.

Zelda: Welcome home, sunshine! How was your day?
Sabrina: Here's a quick recap: There was boredom followed by dullness with a dash of echh.

Hilda: I just haven't turned myself into wind in years.
Salem: Would cabbage help?

Salem: Let's destroy everything that's dear to him. Let's indoctrinate him into the cathedral of agony.
Zelda: I'm gonna write him a very stern letter.
Salem: You're a regular Mad Max aren't ya?

Harvey Kinkle: A penny saved is a penny earned.
Salem: Don't eat the yellow snow.

Zelda: Sabrina, you're not a rumpist, are you?
Sabrina: A rumpist? What's a rumpist?
Zelda: Someone who judges others by their rear ends.
Sabrina: No. OK, not usually.

Zelda: What's the matter?
Sabrina: What's the matter? I have to be a witch, I have to be a mortal, I have to be a teenager and I have to be a girl all at the same time. That's what's the matter.
Salem: At least you still have your thumbs... and a door on your bathroom.

Hilda: A cat is doing an imitation of me kissing my niece's vice-principal. So this is my lowest point.

Sabrina: It can take years to develop a craft. Look at my aunts Hilda and Zelda.
Josh: Which craft were they involved in? Which craft were they involved in?
Sabrina: Witchcraft? Who said anything about witchcraft?

Pilot - S1-E1

Other mistake: In this episode, the Spellmens and Salem are sitting at the breakfast table. You can see Sabrina has a stack of pancakes in front of her. But in the episode Pancake Madness, they are forbidden in the Spellman home because of the effects that come from them.

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Suggested correction: In the pilot, Sabrina is not a full witch so the pancakes probably had no effect on her. Besides, since she didn't know she was a witch yet, it would be hard for her aunts to justify not letting her have pancakes.

immortal eskimo

But why were they on the table in first place then?

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Answer: In the S6 E18, "I, Busybody" Salem got permission from the Witch's Council to be human for one day to meet his pen pal, Roxie. It was all a point of view camera shot.

Chosen answer: No. In the show he was sentenced to 100 years as a cat and only served 25 years at the time of the pilot (all episodes of him being human are flashbacks). The comics did several retcons to change Salem's backstory to fit the show's, and as of 2015, he was still a cat.


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