Auf Wiedersehen, Pet

Trivia: The Fourth series, although set in Cuba, was actually filmed in the Dominican Republic, after the Cuban authorities refused filming permission. Also, the "winter scene" in St. Petersburg that featured in the opening part of Series 4, episode 1, was actually filmed at Shepperton Film Studios in Surrey - with a lot of assistance from some ex-RAF snow blowing machines to provide the appropriate wintry weather.

Trivia: A third season of Auf Weidersehen, Pet was originally planned soon after the second series completed, to be set in Moscow, seeing the lads rebuilding the British Embassy. If it had gone ahead, it would have been made by Central TV for the ITV network in 1987. However, it was declared too expensive, and the other actors did not want to carry on without Gary Holton (Wayne) who died in October 1985 during the filming of the Second Series. But the idea was revived in 2002, and formed the basis of the storyline for the fourth series (filmed 2003 and first broadcast on BBC-1 in January 2004) with one main change - Havana replacing Moscow.

Trivia: In the programme Dennis is ten years older than Neville. In real life Kevin Whateley (Neville) is a year older than Tim Healy (Dennis).

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Neville Hope: Erm... I'll have to ask Brenda.



In the scene where Neville is telling Dennis he should find a woman, Dennis is getting dressed up in his suit to meet Dagmar. After Neville has finished talking, Dennis leaves the hut without a suitcase. But when he arrives at the hotel with Dagmar he is seen putting his case on the bed(Dagmar has one as well). It is clear that he has come straight from the hut, as he is telling Dagmar what Neville had told him before he left.