Recess (1997)

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Teachers Lounge - S1-E17

Corrected entry: In this episode, everyone pronounces Mrs. Grotke with an a sound (like gra), but in every other episode, they pronounce it as "Gr-oh-tkee"

Correction: Maybe she told them afterwards (not in the cartoon) that you don't pronounce it like that. You don't see every sinlge second of every single day.

Teachers Lounge - S1-E17

Corrected entry: In Spinelli's idea of what the teacher's lounge is going to be like, one of the teachers is on the running machine and he says he is going to run for another 20 minutes, or so, then get back to class. About 30 seconds later he is suddenly playing basketball with Miss Finster.

Correction: That whole thing with the gym is Spinelli's fantasy, so she probably isn't paying enough attention to realise that the teacher is in two places at once.

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