Reckoning - S5-E12

Corrected entry: After Clark fails to prevent the death of Lana he is emotionally devastated and in a highly distraught state wanting only to be close to her as Jonathan pulls Clark away. Given Clark's emotional state and superior strength he would have been able to easily resist this action.

Correction: This simply means that he really did not want to resist. No mistake here.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Reckoning - S5-E12

Corrected entry: Near the beginning of the episode Clark makes a diamond by squeezing a piece of coal with his super-strength and the diamond emerges as a beautifully cut and faceted gem. Diamonds have long been considered to be one of the hardest properties on earth and even with super-strength, could not be honed to this degree by bare hands alone.

Correction: We can pretty much throw out most of the laws of physics, if they say he can make a diamond, then he can do it, either that or every single thing he does has to be considered a mistake, since none if it is actually possible.


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