Lexmas - S5-E9

Plot hole: Clark is delivering presents for Chloe. In the overhead shots looking down on Metropolis he super speeds from building to building and he only spends like one second in each building before going to the next one. This doesn't match what is shown while we see him leave presents by the various trees inside the apartments. In those interior shots he spends 5-10 seconds in each room. The overhead shots are not sped up. Not only do these times not match up but he would also be slowed down to open the doors or he would constantly be breaking them down.

Lexmas - S5-E9

Plot hole: Lex is shot in Granville, yet is taken to Smallville Medical Center. It looked like he was in a downtown area, and it's unreasonable to assume that there wasn't a closer hospital in Granville to which he should have been taken.


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