Truth - S3-E18

Corrected entry: Chloe's car goes from tan when she's driving it down the road, to red when it's hanging off the bridge.


Correction: I've watched the scene several times in a row. The car is red the whole time, never tan.

Truth - S3-E18

Corrected entry: Chloe records Lionel's incriminating statement and then says to him, "I have your entire confession recorded on my voice mail, and the only person that has the password is me. So if I were you, I would reconsider my father's employment situation." But Chloe's statement doesn't quite make sense. If she's the only one who can access that voice mail, then the fastest way for Lionel to prevent it from getting out would not be to indulge her, but rather to kill her as soon as possible. Chloe would only gain control over Lionel with this information if she somehow had it rigged to automatically be released unless she input the password on a regular basis, or something like that. Even Lionel doesn't acknowledge the stupdity of her statement - he says that he doesn't respond to blackmail, and offers her a completely different deal.


Correction: Chloe's been doing the investigative reporting/snooping thing for a while now. It's very likely she's made preparations for if she were to disappear or die, like a sealed letter with her voice mail/computer passwords or people other than the authorities to come looking for her if she disappears. (As we see next season, when Lois does just that.) Lionel is smart enough to consider this possibility as well.

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Truth - S3-E18

Corrected entry: When Clark is about to put the needle in Chloe, he lifts his arm and brings it down hard. Clark has superhuman strength. He would have crushed Chloe's chest and smashed the concrete.

Correction: Clark is well aware of his strength, it is his oldest power and therefore the one he has most control over. Think of it this can crush a paper cup easily, but every time you pick one up, you don't, because you don't try to. Clark can hold back with his powers when he needs to, so he could stab a needle into Chloe hard enough to puncture her sternum and enter her heart and not crush her chest doing it.

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