Farscape mistake picture

Meltdown - S3-E12

Visible crew/equipment: When Stark and Sierjna go to Talyn's rudimentary pilot's den, notice that Stark's vest has suddenly developed five randomly placed grommet openings, which will be where Talyn's wiring will attach when Talyn bonds with Stark. And when Stark-Pilot says, "Talyn you will turn away, you must turn away," there's boom movement at the right and left of the screen. Also, later when Stark-Pilot flies Talyn closer to the sun to rescue Sierjna, and once she reappears, there's a shot from behind Stark-Pilot and we can see the long rod (not Talyn's wiring) that's behind his right leg attached to his pants, which is part of the support equipment to have Stark-Pilot hover.

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Aeryn: Well so far we're right on schedule.
John: Let's hope Rygel is. All he's got to do is switch containers. He gets it right, I got one big kiss for him.
Aeryn: What are you doing?
John: Doing what guys do best - I'm looking for Baywatch.



After Rygel's transport pod returns to Moya, as the docking bay door slides open, in the shot facing everyone while they have their weapons drawn we can see the bare floor. However, when Aeryn checks Crais for hidden weapons and then as D'Argo approaches him, there's a blue crash mat on the floor. Then it vanishes again.



In at least series one, the ships "throttle" control for the non-pilot crew is a painted Logitech Trackball.