CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Grave Danger (2) - S5-E25

Continuity mistake: When Grissom is on top of the box, talking to Nick, and he tells Nick to put their hands together, you can see that from shot to shot, the alignment of their hands changes. In one shot (from Nick's angle), Grissom's hand is higher than Nick's, as well as Grissom's index finger lines up with Nick's middle finger. In the next shot, their hands line up perfectly. The alignment changes throughout those few shots.

Grave Danger (2) - S5-E25

Continuity mistake: There are some major continuity errors in the rescue scene at the end: First, the loader is missing from the side of the grave during several of the shots. Second, the rope changes position. The CSI crew is shown manning the rope, which is running parallel to the ground, ready to pull Stokes out of the grave. (There is a physics problem with this anyway.) The next shot is a close up of Grissom and Brown and the rope is now going up at a severe angle. Brown can barely reach it. (The stuntman can only be pulled out from above, the aforementioned physics problem, and the rope is leading up to the rigging.) Third, immediately after the stuntman is pulled from the grave and right before the explosion, there is no one and nothing near the grave. The loader ends the scene right where it started: on the edge of the grave, bucket up, lights on.


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