The Bridge at Kang So Ri - S5-E18

Trivia: When Harm is landing the 747, there is a camera shot of Air Force One. (The Presidential seal which is located near the forward doors is briefly visible) There is also a scene immediately afterwards of vehicles following the plane on the runway. These two scenes are from the Harrison Ford movie, Air Force One.

A New Life (1) - S1-E1

Trivia: In the opening dogfight, the scenes were blatantly taken from Top Gun.

Trivia: It is seen in a number of episodes that Admiral Chegwidden is a baseball fan. John M. Jackson, who plays Chegwidden, is the father of professional baseball player Conor Jackson.

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Washington Holiday - S2-E9

Trivia: The new neighbor moving into Harm's apartment building is played by Nanci Chambers, who is married to David James Elliott, who portrays Harm. Chambers later had a larger supporting role as Lt. Loren Singer, an ambitious lawyer in the JAG office.

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Season 8 generally

Trivia: Beginning in season 8, Dean Stockwell appeared as Senator (and later, SECNAV) Edward Sheffield. This was the character he played on First Monday, another Donald Bellisario series.

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Trivia: In addition to his regular role as Harm, David James Elliott also played Harm's father in flashbacks scattered throughout the show.

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Trivia: David James Elliott, Catherine Bell, and Patrick Labyorteaux were the only actors to appear in all ten seasons. Except for a few special episodes, Elliott and Labyorteaux were the only ones to play the same character, while Elliott was the only actor to appear in every episode.

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Father's Day - S3-E14

Trivia: Donald Bellisario makes an uncredited cameo as himself arriving at the Quantum Leap convention.

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Gypsy Eyes (2) - S4-E1

Trivia: Steven Culp cites the scene in which Webb gets decked by Admiral Chegwidden as the most memorable event of his career.

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Trivia: Donald Bellisario was originally against casting Catherine Bell as Mac. Since Bell had played a murder victim in the last episode of season 1, Bellisario felt her re-appearance as Harm's new partner in the first episode of season 2 would confuse the audience. Bell eventually won Bellisario over, and she remained on the show for the rest of the show's run.

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Ghosts of Christmas Past - S5-E11

Trivia: When the intruders go up to destroy the SAM depot, most of the scenes are reused from the movie Flight of the Intruder, including the SAM launch, some of the AA fire, and radar tracking.

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Smoked - S1-E14

Trivia: While reading Harm's service record, Admiral Chegwidden comments that Harm's career reads like a cross between Top Gun and A Few Good Men. This description is how JAG itself was originally conceived.

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Ice Queen (1) - S8-E20

Trivia: In one scene, Gibbs tells Rabb that, as an NCIS special agent, he isn't required to offer Rabb any military courtesy. This is actually true: NCIS is the only military investigative agency staffed entirely with civilians, so there is no official chain of command they are required to follow.

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Camp Delta - S10-E7

Trivia: When Bud is released from jail after allegedly assaulting a civilian, the exterior shot of the police station is the same exterior used on Charmed as the San Francisco Police Department office. (00:14:05)

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The Boast - S9-E9

Trivia: The petty officer who is accused of intentionally throwing a beanball at an opposing player in the Army/Navy baseball game is played by professional pitcher Barry Zito.

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Meltdown (2) - S8-E21

Trivia: Nanci Chambers is credited for playing Lt. Singer, even though all of her appearances in this episode are from archive footage of previous episodes.

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Body Talk - S5-E24

Trivia: While describing events from ten years earlier, Captain French mentions the Naval Investigative Service to Harm and Bud, which was the Navy's law enforcement agency that eventually became NCIS.

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The Colonel's Wife - S5-E8

Trivia: In one scene, Mic tells Bud that he once boxed professionally. Before becoming an actor, Trevor Goddard really was a pro boxer in England.

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Skeleton Crew - S1-E22

Trivia: Although Mark Harmon (who appeared in season 8) became the focal point of the spinoff, John Ashton was the first actor to play an NCIS agent on the show.

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