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The Curse of Fenric - S26-E3

Factual error: The story is set in 1943. Jean and Phyllis shouldn't readily know who Jane Russell is, as she didn't become famous until her debut film The Outlaw was a box-office hit after the war, three years later. (Although The Outlaw originally had a limited release in the US [but not the UK] in 1943, it was quickly withdrawn by the censors and not released widely until 1946.) True, they could have read about this film in a newspaper or magazine, but considering the strict wartime censorship then in force, it is unlikely.

The Curse of Fenric - S26-E3

Factual error: When Kathleen's baby Audrey is revealed for the first time, the baby is clutching a "SuperTed" teddy bear (circa 1984). The story is supposed to be set in 1943...

The Curse of Fenric - S26-E3

Factual error: During WW II there would not have been any road signs like the one in the story indicating the way to Maiden's Point: all such signposts were taken down during the war, to hinder the enemy in the event of an invasion.

The Curse of Fenric - S26-E3

Factual error: As Jean and Phyllis run into the water to go swimming, they seem to be wearing dark shoes or sandals. But in most of their appearances as Haemovores later in the story, they are wearing bright white (and suspiciously modern-looking) sneakers/trainers.

The Curse of Fenric - S26-E3

Factual error: The Naval base that features in "The Curse of Fenric" is supposed to be on the coast of North East England. (A line of dialogue in the story refers to Maidens Bay - two miles from the base - as being in "Northumberland". Yet all the maps and charts on the walls are of the coast of South-East England (Sussex and Kent in particular) which is 250 miles from where the story is supposed to be set.

Planet of the Spiders - S11-E5

Plot hole: At the climax of episode 2, the Doctor is about to catch Lupton when the latter simply teleports to safety. So why didn't he do that in the first place, before engaging in a 15-minute chase?

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The Doctor: This is a situation that requires tact and finesse. Fortunately, I am blessed with both.

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The Chase - S2-E8

Trivia: Such was the popularity of Doctor Who in Britain in the mid-1960s that even the Beatles wanted to make an appearance in the show. So a scene was written into "The Chase" to allow them to appear. The idea had been devised of including a scene on the Time and Space Visualiser depicting a Beatles fiftieth-anniversary concert in 2015, with the Fab Four dressed up as old men. John, Paul, George, and Ringo themselves were interested in the proposition, but it was vetoed by their manager, Brian Epstein. It was then thought that an appearance by the Beatles on Top of the Pops might be used instead, but no such footage was available. Fortunately, the Beatles were scheduled to perform "Ticket to Ride" at Riverside Studios in Hammersmith on April 10th, 1965, and that footage was used instead.

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Answer: TARDISes are generally available for properly authorised use on Gallifrey; they're not usually assigned to a particular Timelord on a long-term basis. The Doctor stole his when he left his homeworld.

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