Doctor Who

The Creature from the Pit - S17-E3

Plot hole: The Doctor should not need a book on Tibetan as he already knows the language...he went to Tibet in the Season 11 story "Planet of the Spiders." (Of course, that was Jon Pertwee, the 3rd Doctor. Perhaps losing the mastery of the Tibetan language was a result the regeneration into Tom Baker).

The Creature from the Pit - S17-E3

Plot hole: In part 2 it's brought up in conversation several times that all metal is rare on that planet. Handy exposition for the viewers, but it's in fact a really odd thing for the characters to say. The inhabitants aren't giving a tour of their planet (certainly not deliberately at any rate), so why would they state facts that have been well known to them all of their lives? It's a bit like meeting strangers and informing them that two thirds of the Earth are covered by oceans.

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