South Park

Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000 - S4-E2

Continuity mistake: At first the sled race is supposed to be on Saturday, but late in the show it is on announced as happening on Thursday.

Sol Parker

Coon vs. Coon and Friends - S14-E13

Deliberate mistake: S14 Ep13 Coon vs. Coon & Friends: in the South Park universe, Canadians are depicted as looking the same (beady eyes, stick legs, heads sliced in half). Since Justin Bieber is Canadian, he should look similar to Terrance and Philip instead of having a normal face and body.

Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset - S8-E12

Deliberate mistake: In the whore off scene just after Mr. Slave made Paris Hilton "disappear" as he is walking back to his pants keep an eye on his chest. His grey shirt appears from nowhere.

Weight Gain 4000 - S1-E3

Continuity mistake: When Mr. Garrison is carrying around his gun, it is not the wood finished gun with the wood colored hand grip that he bought, it was the other one that had the grey hand grip. (00:14:20)

Sol Parker
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Suggested correction: He says he will have it (wood finish) then it shows him walking through town. Plenty of time for him to change his mind again.

Ssiscool Premium member

Perhaps, but later when Stan and Wendy interrupt him, his gun exhibits wood furniture again. Unless he purchased both, some error has been made here.

Pink Eye - S1-E7

Continuity mistake: In the opening scene, the trees in the background keep moving between shots.

Sol Parker

Make Love, Not Warcraft - S10-E8

Continuity mistake: At the end of the epsiode, Randy and Stan are talking to each other via the game, but Stan doesn't have headphones on.

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Douche and Turd - S8-E8

Continuity mistake: At the dinner table when Stan tells his parents about the election, he has a glass in front of him. The glass switches from being on his left side to being on his right side between shots.


Simpsons Already Did It - S6-E7

Character mistake: Butters says that he watched "all 132 episodes" of the Simpsons; at the time this episode aired, 291 episodes of the Simpsons had been produced and aired.

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Suggested correction: Butters is always shown as being a bit dim and slow. As a kid it's easy for him to make a mistake in thinking that there was only 132 episodes.

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That's why it's called a "character mistake"; also, Butters is certainly naive, but he's hardly what I would call "dim and slow."


The Terrance & Phillip Movie Trailer - S6-E5

Continuity mistake: When Russell Crowe is about to bust into the editor's office, there is a picture of John Stamos on the editor's bulletin board. In the next shot it is gone.


Up the Down Steroid - S8-E2

Continuity mistake: When the handicapped people are on the bus, from a distance you can see that on the far window there is a kid nodding his head from back to front with black hair and when it goes into the bus you can see that the kid has brown hair and is nodding his head side-to-side. (00:04:30)


Butters' Very Own Episode - S5-E14

Continuity mistake: When Butters' mom paints his face with the roller, the paint is the color of the wall rather than the color she is painting. (00:05:00)

Sol Parker

Scott Tenorman Must Die - S5-E4

Continuity mistake: When Cartman is eating his chili, he almost empties the bowl before he stops to talk, then the shot goes to Scott then back to Cartman and now the bowl is almost full again with a little chili sticking up above the brim.

Sol Parker

Chinpokomon - S3-E11

Audio problem: Near the end of the episode, where the boys are standing at the bus stop and Kenny (who is in a seizure trance) starts getting attacked by rats, Cartman yells, "Hey, get away. He's not dead yet", but it doesn't sound like Cartman (the tone seems more high-pitched.).

The Snuke - S11-E4

Other mistake: When the people are behind the glass looking at the person with the Snuke, there is one person who doesn't have a mouth.

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Starvin' Marvin in Space! - S3-E13

Continuity mistake: The second time the boys go through the wormhole you can see that Kenny is with them, even though he is still meant to be on earth.

Hamster Premium member

Scott Tenorman Must Die - S5-E4

Plot hole: When Scott Tenorman shows the other kids a video of Cartman doing his "piggy" act, the angle of the video shot shows that it could only have been taken from the place where Scott was standing when Cartman originally did it - but Scott is seen at that time to have no video camera or any way to have recorded this.

Moose Premium member

Butters' Very Own Episode - S5-E14

Other mistake: When Butters is travelling down the river in his mom's car, the passenger door opens just before the car hits the rock.

Good Times With Weapons - S8-E1

Continuity mistake: When the boys are walking through the fair and spot the weapons store, you can see that there are some yellow nunchucks, but when the angle changes position you can see that there are red nunchucks right there. (00:00:30)


The Biggest Douche in the Universe - S6-E15

Continuity mistake: When Stan goes to see John Edwards, John Edwards's butler goes to get him. When the butler reappears (just before he pushes the buttons on the wall for the recorded voices), he reappears from the right of the archway. But John Edwards appears from the left of the archway when the voices are playing.

A Very Crappy Christmas - S4-E17

Audio problem: The animated Christmas movie the boys are making is really "the Spirit of Christmas", the movie Trey Parker and Matt Stone made before South Park. The dialogue recorded by the boys is the same as in the original (with a few changes, but when the film is shown later it's the original speech from "The Spirit of Christmas". You can tell by the way the voices are done, and the tone of the voices.

Weight Gain 4000 - S1-E3

Kyle: Cartman, you have such a fat ass, that when you walk down the street people go, "God, dammit thats a big fat ass!'
Cartman: They do not!
Random guy: God Dammit, thats a big fat ass!

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Trivia: The creators of the show, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, based the Stan Marsh and Kyle Brosfloski characters after themselves (Stan being Parker and Kyle being Stone.) The Eric Cartman character was partly based on Archie Bunker.

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