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Cartmanland - S5-E6

Corrected entry: When Cartman goes to buy North Park Funland, he tells the owner that he is buying the theme park to keep people out so that only he can ride the rides. But wouldn't it have been better if Cartman had just told the owner to only let him enter the park, and given the owner the $1 million in order to pay for the staff and all the necessities like food, maintenance etc?

Correction: Maybe, but it's his choice to buy the park if he wants to.


Cartmanland - S5-E6

Corrected entry: In this episode, Cartman's grandmother leaves him a million dollars that he immediately uses to buy an amusement park. This is not possible AT ALL. Firstly, Cartman is a minor. If his grandmother left him that much money she would have put it in trust and he wouldn't have been able to get it all at once until he was of age. Secondly, he would not have received the money that quickly. It can take from months to years before the payout on an estate begins. It is an extremely frustrating process (I would know, when my grandfather died it took almost a year before we saw a dime.) And even if by some miracle Cartman got the money that day, he would not have been able to buy an amusement park because, again, he is a minor. Minors cannot buy property in the state of Colorado. Also, he would not have received exactly a million dollars even if that is what his grandmother left him, as it would be taxed unless it was in a government bond, which was not mentioned at the will reading. Therefore, this episode is a COMPLETE impossibility.

Correction: It is a cartoon that has no ties to reality. Stan's dad ends up in the hospital because he "got served". Kenny used to die in every single episode and reappear in the next like nothing ever happened. Aliens visited and placed a satellite tracking system in Cartman's butt. Kyle underwent "Negroplasty" surgey (to become a tall black kid) and his dad became a dolphin. The laws of reality and the legal system of the real Colorado have nothing to do with South Park.


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