My Best Friend's Wedding - S3-E22

Continuity mistake: As JD and Turk are walking away from the camera as they are playing the golf game in the hospital car park, Turk is wearing a white visor in the front shot, but not in the behind shot. It's not hidden behind JD's arm either.

My Porcelain God - S3-E13

Continuity mistake: Dr. Casey's sandwich has a red topped tooth pick in it, but disappears from the sandwich in next shot to the side of his plate without seeing him taking it out. (00:12:45)


His Story II - S3-E18

Continuity mistake: The amount in Dr. Miller's drink changes inconsistently throughout the scene with Dr. Kelso and Dr. Cox. (00:06:50 - 00:08:15)


My Choosiest Choice of All - S3-E19

Continuity mistake: Carla's left hand goes from holding the coffee cup with whole hand to just gripping handle the next second. (00:00:40)


My Rule of Thumb - S3-E10

Continuity mistake: When Carla & Elliott get into the back seat of the vehicle after attempting to hire a male prostitute, you can see them clearly in the close shot. In the next (long) shot, when it is revealed to be a police cruiser, there is a cage between them and the camera. This cage disappears again in the next close shot.

Rooster of Doom

My White Whale - S3-E3

Continuity mistake: When J.D. marks on the wall, Its not the same mark when the Janitor says "You drew on the wall" the second time. The first mark has a curve near the top, The second one bends in the middle. (00:01:10)


My Self-Examination - S3-E21

Continuity mistake: While Carla's brother eats his chips, his hands move from left to right while holding the bag through out the scene. (00:09:00 - 00:09:35)


My Porcelain God - S3-E13

Continuity mistake: The napkin on Dr. Casey's cup turns a quarter turn while talking to Elliot before he gets up from the table. (00:12:45)


My Catalyst - S3-E12

Continuity mistake: When Ted falls off the roof you should be able to see the garbage bags he falls on, But they're not there while he's falling. You see nothing but the roof top below. (00:22:05)


My Best Friend's Wedding - S3-E22

Continuity mistake: Despite being made "Co-Best Man" in "My Porcelain God", Turk's brother is nowhere to be seen throughout the entire wedding.


My Fault - S3-E20

Continuity mistake: At 18:42 in the show, it shows Turk and Carla talking about re-inviting the female head of surgery to their wedding. During this shot, in which Turk and Carla are closest to the camera, Turks ID badge is facing the wrong way. When the camera angle changes at 18:46 to showing Turk and Carla from the other side (as if from the female head of surgery's POV) Turks ID badge is now showing the right way. It stays like this for the rest of the scene. (00:18:40)

David Hutchinson

My American Girl - S3-E1

Continuity mistake: When JD is talking to Carla in the cafeteria, she tells him that it's nearly 5:00. But up to that point, you can see the bottom half of the clock behind him and the hour hand is not visible. It only appears after she tells him the time.

My Mirror Image (2) - S6-E1

Continuity mistake: Dr. Cox's hair colour and length change back and forth significantly during the episode.

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Elliot: Dr. Cox, does this lipstick make me look like a clown?
Dr. Cox: No, Barbie... It makes you look like a prostitute who caters exclusively TO clowns.

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Trivia: Ben Sullivan, Dr. Cox's best friend and brother-in-law, loves his camera and takes pictures everywhere he goes. Brendan Fraser, who plays Ben, has a great interest for photography in real life.

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