Beast Wars: Transformers
Movie Quote Quiz

Tarantulas: Don't cats ever get tired of being stupid?

Cheetor: We've got to stop them before they reach the base.
Ratrap: That's your department, Sky Cat. Fire up. We'll be right behind you.
Dinobot: My weapon is depleted.
Cheetor: I need a running start.
Ratrap: Criminy, the pair of ya! I've gotta DO everything?

Rattrap: You'd never catch me letting a Predacon inside my circuitry.
Cheetor: Shut up, Rattrap.
Silverbolt: Listen to him, rat, if you value your spark.
Rattrap: Is that a threat?
Cheetor: Count on it.

Inferno: You're no match for me. Burn, traitor, burn.

Blackarachnia: Oh no. You're not saving my life again? after I shot you?
Silverbolt: It is my duty as a Maximal and a heroic character.
Blackarachnia: You know I like 'em big and stupid but you're really pushing it.

Megatron: Soon, very soon, I expect a visit from Cybertron.
Rampage: I eagerly anticipate your imminent demise, then.

Waspinator: Two-head throw Megatron in lava pit! Megatron want slag Two-head. Waspinator down with that.

Blackarachnia: Thanks for coming after me. It was sweet.
Silverbolt: As was the way you confessed the truth to Optimus. Oh we'll make a Maximal out of you yet.
Blackarachnia: In your dreams. I like myself just the way I am and I intend to stay this way. home, rover.

Rhinox: Is it just me or is our boy particularly happy today?
Rattrap: It's the spider lady that I'm worried about.
Rhinox: What do you mean?
Rattrap: Call me paranoid but I don't trust spiders, I don't trust Predacons, and I don't trust dames who sneak in and out of classified areas when they think that nobody is watching.

Blackarachnia: Sorry, chunk-style, but I like being a bad girl. And you know something else? Somewhere, deep beneath this squeaky-clean armor plating of yours... I think you like it too. Hmmm?

Rampage: Ignore the pain. It's only going to get worse.

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