Beast Wars: Transformers
Episode Title Mistakes
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Season 1
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1Beast Wars: Part 10
2Beast Wars: Part 21
3The Web0
4Equal Measures0
5Chain of Command0
6Power Surge0
7Fallen Comrades0
8Double Jeopardy0
9The Probe0
10Gorilla Warfare0
11A Better Mousetrap0
13Dark Designs0
14Double Dinobot0
15The Spark0
16The Trigger: Part 10
17The Trigger: Part 20
18Spider's Game0

Show generally

Continuity mistake: In "Deep Metal" (Season 3), Depth Charge fights Rampage on the beach. Throughout the whole episode, Depth Charge has four fingers. But in a shot when DC doubles over in pain to clutch his wounds, he has five fingers.

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Cheetor: We've got to stop them before they reach the base.
Ratrap: That's your department, Sky Cat. Fire up. We'll be right behind you.
Dinobot: My weapon is depleted.
Cheetor: I need a running start.
Ratrap: Criminy, the pair of ya! I've gotta DO everything?

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Trivia: When this series was shown on Canadian television, it was called "Beasties."

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