Everybody Loves Raymond

Everybody Loves Raymond (1996)

3 mistakes in Frank, the Writer

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Frank, the Writer - S1-E6

Continuity mistake: When Debra opens the door for Robert, she's holding one of the twins upright. But in the very next shot, she is holding him differently. (00:15:40)


Frank, the Writer - S1-E6

New this month Continuity mistake: When Robert is reading Michael a story, Michael has a teddy up by his mouth in one shot and not in the next. (00:16:50)

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Frank, the Writer - S1-E6

New this month Visible crew/equipment: Frank leaves his parents' kitchen and a boom mic is plainly visible in shot on the upper left side of the screen. (00:13:30)

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Frank Barone: What's for brunch, Marie?
Marie Barone: Ham.
Frank Barone: Excellent. I shall put on my ham pants.

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Halloween Candy - S3-E6

Trivia: Frank dresses up as Frankenstein in this episode for an in-joke alluding to the role he played in 1974's Young Frankenstein.

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