What's Up, Doc? - S7-E18

Plot hole: At closing time, Cliff, Norm and Woody spontaneously decide to go to Cliff's house. Sam then enters the bar after his date at Melville's. Later in the scene, Rebecca asks Sam about the 'Three Stooges', to which Sam sarcastically replies that they went to Cliff's house. But how could he possibly know that since he entered the scene after they had already left.

What's Up, Doc? - S7-E18

Other mistake: Right after Sam tells Carla he will sleep with the next woman who walks through the door, in the background there is an "Extra" (blonde-haired woman seen in the background behind Carla) who starts to cross right then turns and crosses left then turns right and stops and looks confused as to where she is to cross. Obviously she was given directions of which way to cross and when, but forgot. (00:04:15)

Randy DeShong

What's Up, Doc? - S7-E18

Continuity mistake: After dinner Sam pours Sheila a nightcap, and he opens a (seltzer?) bottle for himself. Sheila leaves, and both her semi-filled glass and Sam's bottle are on the counter. Just as Sam opens a second bottle for himself Rebecca enters, and Sam soon sets his second bottle down near his first. In following shots the amount of liquid in Sheila's glass increases, and Sam grabs his first bottle then walks away, but when Rebecca stands up, Sam's first bottle is back on the counter and it's his second bottle that's missing. (00:20:20)

Super Grover

What's Up, Doc? - S7-E18

Visible crew/equipment: After Sheila leaves the bar, when Sam hops up onto the counter Rebecca exits the office, and just as Sam says, "Hey, let me ask you something, do you think my life is empty and void of any meaning," the moving boom mic casts a shadow on the wall, over the office door. (00:20:35)

Super Grover

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What's Up, Doc? - S7-E18

Continuity mistake: While Sam considers going to see the psychiatrist professionally just to hook up with her, Carla suggests that he feign impotence, and Sam puts his bottle down on the counter, but it cuts to a closeup with Sam suddenly holding the bottle in his raised right hand. (00:09:30)

Super Grover

Woody: How can Darth Vader be Luke Skywalker's father? They don't even have the same last name.

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Question: Does anyone know whether the coloured-in photos, which appear throughout the opening titles sequence, are real or made up for the show? If they ARE real, when George Wendt's name appears there's a shot of a man holding a newspaper with 'WE WIN' as the headline - does anybody know what this referred to?


Answer: Here is the source of the "WE WIN" photo: Brooklyn, of all places.

Chosen answer: The pictures in the opening sequences are real pictures of people enjoying alcohol (from various dates), and are not meant to represent or include any of the cast members. The "we win" sign (most likely not a newspaper headline) is referring to the end of prohibition (1933) A fitting tribute to a show about drinking alcohol.

The word "Nazi" appears in the caption to a story underneath the headline. Maybe the headline refers to the Nazi surrender.

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