Trivia: The portrait of Geronimo hanging in the bar was a tribute to Nicholas Colasanto after he died. The portrait originally hung in his dressing room.

Trivia: When they were deciding on what sport the character Sam Malone would play they originally chose football but ultimately decided baseball would work better.

Tobin OReilly

One for the Road (3) - S11-E28

Trivia: The last line ever in this series was, "Sorry, we're closed."

Give Me a Ring Sometime - S1-E1

Trivia: The very first line on the show was "How about a beer, chief?".

One for the Road (3) - S11-E28

Trivia: The person that comes down the steps and knocks on the door when Sam says they're closed is Les Charles, one of the producers.


Give Me a Ring Sometime - S1-E1

Trivia: An elderly lady can be seen among the bar patrons. She was a character named "Mrs. Littlefield" who was an opinionated spinster. She originally was to be a recurring character but her lines were deleted from the episode and the character was dropped.


Sam at Eleven - S1-E4

Trivia: This episode marks the first time Sam and Diane kiss.


Trivia: Timothy Treadwell, the bear enthusiast who was mauled to death by one of his subjects in 2003, auditioned for the role of Woody Boyd.

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Bar Bet - S3-E18

Trivia: This episode aired two days after Nicholas Colasanto died.

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Give Me a Ring Sometime - S1-E1

Trivia: In the pilot, everyone sitting around the bar tries to consider what was the "sweatiest movie of all time." The actors throw out suggestions and Cliff suggests "Body Heat." One of the supporting actors in that movie was Ted Danson.

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Snow Job - S2-E18

Continuity mistake: When Coach walks out from behind the bar near the start, he's got feathers almost up to his knees. Then when he turns around to walk back, they're now only over his feet. (00:03:55)

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Woody: Jack Frost nipping at your toes, Mr. Peterson?
Norm: Yeah, now let's get Joe Beer nipping at my liver.

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