Family Matters

Family Matters (1989)

3 mistakes in season 7

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Scammed - S7-E21

Continuity mistake: During the scenes where they play Mortal Grandma (or whatever it's called), the characters' health bars don't change.

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Suggested correction: I just watched this scene, and at no point are there flies on the camera, much less for 6 to 8 seconds, as there are multiple shot changes in this sequence, with only one of those shots lasting longer than 6 seconds.

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Dream Date - S7-E22

Continuity mistake: Laura says that Steve asked her to be his prom date when they were six years old. In other episodes, she has mentioned that she first met him as a blind date - their date in the first season.

Carl: Go home! Go home! Go home!
Steve: I don't have to take this. I'm going home.

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Rock Enroll - S5-E13

Trivia: Towards the end of the show when they bring the cake out for Steve a crewmember walks past on the right of the screen.

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Show generally

Question: Is it true that the show's set was burned down? Either way, why was the show ended so suddenly (before Laura and Steve's wedding was even shown)?

Answer: It was just cancelled. Read more here:


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