Three's Company
Episode Title Mistakes
Season 5
17And Baby Makes Four0
18Night of the Ropers0
19Double Trouble1
20Dying to Meet You0
21The Case of the Missing Blonde0
22Honest Jack Tripper0
Season 6
Season 6 generally0
1Jack Bares All (a.k.a. Oh, Nurse) (1)0
2Jack Bares All (a.k.a. Oh, Nurse) (2)1
3Terri Makes Her Move0
4Gigolo Jack or Professor Jack1
5Some of That Jazz0
6Lies My Roommate Told Me0
7Two Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest0
8Eyewitness Blues0
9Boy Meets Dummy1
10Dates of Wrath0
11Macho Man0
12Strangers in the Night0
13The Matchbreakers0

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