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Only Fools and Horses (1981)

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Mother Nature's Son - S99-E12

Corrected entry: When Boycie and Mike are talking in the Nag's head about Peckham Spring being shoddy, a long haired guy is sitting behind Boycie having a pint. He turns around to reveal himself - it's Robbie Williams. Take That is playing in the background as well.

Joe Mc

Correction: It's not Robbie Williams. This has been debunked several times.

Thicker Than Water - S99-E3

Corrected entry: When Del is looking at his letter with his blood group on it in the pub, there is a bit above it that says "positive", even though it was revealed earlier that he was negative.

Joe Mc

Correction: He was negative for the blood disorder. His blood group is positive.

The Frog's Legacy - S99-E6

Corrected entry: When Del is first told about the gold bullion (and the character Freddy the Frog) by Trigger's Aunty, Del says he has never heard of him or his reputation. Yet in the final episode, "If They Could See Us Now," Del is seen on a photograph with Freddy the frog and the rest of the gang on a jolly boys' outing, so he surely would have known him. Also after Rodney finds out that Freddy is his real father, he asks Del if he was anything like him and Del goes on to explain what kind of person Freddy was, but how did he know if he never knew him?

Correction: This plot hole is explained in "Rock And Chips", the 2010 prequel to "Only Fools And Horses" set in 1960.Freddy "The Frog" Robdal and Del Boy were indeed both on the first Jolly Boy's Outing to Margate but throughout the entire pilot episode, Del is unaware of who Freddy is and they are never introduced to each other. Even on the bus, Del is happy to lark around with his mates whilst Freddy and "Jelly" Kelly sit at the front looking distinctly unimpressed and not interacting with anyone. It is reasonable to assume that Del would not be interested in knowing Freddy because of their significant cultural (and age) differences as portrayed in "Rock And Chips".After the events of "The Frog's Legacy", Del would have been aware of Freddy's reputation (and may even have recognised him from Rodney's photo despite not knowing his name when it would've been taken) because Renee explained who he was in depth during "The Frog's Legacy".

To Hull and Back - S99-E4

Corrected entry: When Abdul worries that Del, Rodney and Albert have sunk, Boycie says, "Don't worry, they've got their uncle Albert with them". How does Boycie know this? Del said in the back of Denzel's lorry that it was just him and Rodney and that they were going by plane and that was the last time they spoke to each other, so there was no other way of knowing.

Joe Mc

Correction: The events after the meeting are not shown in real time. There is ample time for Del to call Boycie and tell him the plan. They must have had some further contact after that meeting to set up all the arrangements for Amsterdam.


Rodney Come Home - S99-E9

Corrected entry: After Delboy and Raquel leave the club together, the scene cuts to the next morning, where Uncle Albert is surprised that Rodney has not yet gone to work. However, when Rodney passes by the window, it's dark outside. (And it's not because it's early morning - if it was very early, it would not have been unusual for Rodney to have not yet gone to work.).

Moose Premium member

Correction: This was not the morning after, it was the evening. Albert enquired that Rodney hadn't gone to work that morning due to his hangover. When Del arrived back (during the same scene just after Rodney went to his room with the radio) he commented on Rodney taking the van to the mechanics that morning and arranging a date with Tanya the receptionist. Rodney then re appeared dressed and ready to go out. That is why it was dark outside, Rodney had come back home to sleep off his hangover and re emerged in the evening which is when we see the scene.

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