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Corrected entry: In early episodes, the front door of the flat leads out into the side of a coridor but, in later episodes, it leads directly into a small room.

Correction: If you watch episode 1 from series 1 you will see when Rodney walks out the flat, that it goes to a small room the same as those in later seasons.

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Corrected entry: In "Thicker Than Water", when Del and Rodney's dad returns claiming he has an illness, he persuades them both to have a blood test to reveal if they have the same illness. When they get the result, it's revealed that the blood groups of Del and Rodney are different (Rodney being "A" and Del being "AB"). Not long after the reveal, Dad tells them that Del is the one with the different blood group and is the one with a different dad. This gets forgotten, as at the end the dad was just dismissed as Del tells Rodney that he went for another blood test but got told there was no point. As the programme goes on, we have the episode "The Frog's Legacy", which is the first inkling that Rodney has a different dad, but they just dismiss it -- until the final episode, "Sleepless in Peckham", when they blow the photo up and it is revealed that Rodney would have in fact had a different dad. If that is the case, how was it Del had the different blood group to the rest of the family in "Thicker Than Water" rather than Rodney?

David Hutchinson

Correction: It's revealed at the end of Thicker Than Water that Del's blood group (having visited the doctor again) is actually A, and that Reg had opened the results and edited Del's blood group from A to AB. It's also explained that siblings can have the same parents, but different blood groups.

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Corrected entry: In "To Hull and back" Albert says that the navy never taught him navigation because he was a boiler maintenence man. But, on other occasions, he has remaniced times when he was at the wheel, which seems like an odd position for a boiler maintenence man.

Correction: It's not really a plot hole, just all part of the comedy. If Albert was not taught navigation then that is probably why all the ships he sailed on sank! We don't ask why he was at the wheel.

James Ransford

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Corrected entry: Del first met Raquel in 1988 in the Christmas episode 'Dates'. At that time, Rodney had not yet met Cassandra (episode was made before series 6 and Rodney was seeing another girl). Del met Raquel again exactly a year later in the 1989 Christmas Special "The Jolly Boys Outing". In this episode Rodney and Cassandra are celebrating their first wedding anniversary.

Correction: The episodes concerned were indeed Christmas specials one year apart but they certainly do not take place at Christmas and the time frame between each of the episodes could certainly have been more than one year apart. Just because they were first shown one year apart does not mean that the action of the plot has the same time difference.

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