Chris-Crossed - S6-E10

Continuity mistake: In this episode, Chris thinks back to when he went back to the past. When he and Bianca are on the tour of the manor, there are some costumes that have been worn by the charmed ones. But in the episode "Oh My Goddess (1)" Chris tells Phoebe that Paige died on that day, so how could she have worn something after she died? And if she did die that day, Chris would have never met her, since he was not yet born, and could not have learned to orb from her, as he says in "Spin City." However there are other inconsistencies with that story that Chris mentions later, seeming to suggest he lied about this to get the sisters onside. It may not be a continuity error but as it was never fully addressed in the show just what Chris was lying about (and he obviously told some) we cannot be sure.

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