Frasier (1993)

4 mistakes in Goodnight, Seattle (1) - chronological order

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Goodnight, Seattle (1) - S11-E23

Continuity mistake: (This is for "Goodnight Seattle.") When Eddie is eating the pate with the ring in it, in the wide shot we see that he's finished all the food and is licking the plate clean. It then cuts to a closeup, and the plate is suddenly full of food. Back to the wide shot, and he's licking a clean plate again.


Goodnight, Seattle (1) - S11-E23

Revealing mistake: You have to be very quick to spot this, but when the cannon goes off Niles drops the ring, you can actually see it drop between Eddie and the camera and bounce away from Eddie. In other words, it certainly doesn't go anywhere near the pate.

David Mercier

Goodnight, Seattle (1) - S11-E23

Continuity mistake: When Daphne, Niles, and the vet are in the examining room the items on the table in the foreground change positions in different shots.

Goodnight, Seattle (1) - S11-E23

Visible crew/equipment: (This is for the last episode, "Goodnight, Seattle.") When Kenny opens the door to use Frasier's bathroom, you can see a light pass across the wall above the fireplace.

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