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Call Me Irresponsible - S1-E7

Continuity mistake: As Catherine is about to leave Frasier's apartment near the end of the episode, you can see the white shirt she is wearing constantly changes between shots. At times it is hanging out very loosely and in other shots it is neatly tucked in and positioned to the right.

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Frasier mistake picture

You Can't Tell a Crook by His Cover - S1-E15

Continuity mistake: When Linda opens her beer, her three piles of poker chips are arranged in a triangle. In the next shot, they are laid out in a line, but she has not moved them.

Frasier mistake picture

The Good Son - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: When Daphne first arrives at the apartment and is complimenting Martin's chair, his plate moves around on the side table between shots.


Guns N' Neuroses - S11-E9

Continuity mistake: Niles stumbles catching the banana and knocks the shoebox off the table and it lands on the floor. The next shot shows a long dark item lying on the carpet - it wasn't there before and didn't come off the box.

Merry Christmas, Mrs. Moskowitz - S6-E10

Continuity mistake: The same mistake happens throughout this scene - Helen has her purse on her arm and then on her shoulder and then back to her arm from shot to shot.

Breaking the Ice - S2-E20

Continuity mistake: When Niles brings out the "Hot-Buns," he hands it to Martin who instantly in the next shot, is pulling it out from under him when Daphne comes in. There really wasn't time for him to put it under himself first.

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Guns N' Neuroses - S11-E9

Continuity mistake: Just after Niles knocks the box on the floor, we can plainly see it through the legs of the chair. When Marty goes to pick it up, it is now out of our range, even though the camera angle remains the same.

Selling Out - S1-E9

Continuity mistake: Frasier meets Bebe for the first time in the hall at KACL. She has her business card in her hand for part of the scene but after Frasier tells her he has a son, the card disappears - with no time for Bebe to have put it back in her purse.

Where There's Smoke There's Fired - S3-E21

Continuity mistake: Bebe has just inhaled smoke from her purse and Frasier grabs it and puts it on his bookcase. In the shot before, there had been billows of smoke around them, but suddenly the air is clear and there is no smoke.

The Placeholder - S11-E5

Continuity mistake: In the restaurant, Frasier and Ann are at Kenny's table - Kenny puts his napkin down and leaves the table, while Frasier puts his cellphone away. In the next shot, the napkin has changed position on the table and Frasier is putting his cellphone away again.

Sea Bee Jeebies - S11-E10

Continuity mistake: When Frasier and Roz are in the cafe talking about the See Bees, Roz says something like "Those shows are torture." When she does there are many different shots in a short space of time and if you're quick you can see the coffee mug suddenly jump into her hand without picking it up.

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Guns N' Neuroses - S11-E9

Continuity mistake: Why can Lilith hear what they are saying through the door? In several other episodes, the characters have had arguments or insulted the person at the door without them being able to hear. Yet here suddenly it's possible for her to hear.

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Fool Me Once, Shame on You, Fool Me Twice... - S2-E14

Continuity mistake: Frasier meets Heather in the bar. She is reading a book which she has propped open on the bar, but as they talk, she takes it off the bar and closes it in her lap. A couple of shots later we see book is back on the bar and she is closing it again. (00:16:25)

Taking Liberties - S8-E5

Continuity mistake: Marty is leaving for the game and Frasier's butler hands him a paper bag with a sandwich in it. Marty carries it in his left hand, but by the time he gets to the door, the bag is folded up much smaller and looks much more crinkled.

Something Borrowed, Someone Blue (1) - S7-E23

Continuity mistake: Frasier is just saying goodbye to Niles and we can see the brochure for Daphne's reception to the left of his sherry glass. When he stands up and shouts "Daphne!" the brochure has moved about 6 inches to the right, even though no one touched it.

When a Man Loves Two Women - S6-E21

Continuity mistake: Before Frasier says "Enough, Dad!", we can see a spoon in Marty's cereal bowl. In the next shot it's gone. (00:10:15)

When a Man Loves Two Women - S6-E21

Continuity mistake: During the scene where Niles is flipping a coin, the newspaper on Marty's lap is sometimes opened flat and sometimes folded over, even though he doesn't touch it. (00:09:50)

Taps at the Montana - S6-E18

Continuity mistake: Frasier discovers Niles' bird is dead and throws a dish towel over it. The next shot of the dish towel shows it has changed position, and the third shot shows it back in its original state. No one touched it in the meantime. (00:10:10)

Docu.Drama - S8-E16

Continuity mistake: When Frasier is in the conference room with Roz, his binder changes from shot to shot. Sometimes there are 4 brightly coloured tabs at the top, sometimes only 2. The same shots show a change in the papers on the table too.

Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do - S5-E11

Continuity mistake: Niles and Frasier are looking at the file the detective made on Sherry. In one shot Niles has papers in both hands but in the next shot he only has them in one hand, and there was no time for him to change.

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