Dawson's Creek

All Good Things... (1) - S6-E23

Trivia: When Joey is watching "The Creek" on her TV in NYC, the show ends and you can see "Directed By Dawson Leery" on the screen. Right after that, you can see a page of credits for "The Creek" and they appear to be the same names, crew members as for 'Dawson's Creek'. (00:01:15)

All Good Things... (1) - S6-E23

Trivia: In this scene; when Pacey, Dawson and Joey are in the car driving back from the hospital, they aren't actually driving. This scene was filmed using something called a "Poor Man's Process"; which involved shaking the car a little, and a crew person holding two lights behind them to simulate headlights. This scene was actually shot on a soundstage, and could be fit in easily at virtually any point in the filming schedule. Normally scenes like this are shot with a car being towed on a trailer, but in this case that method was too expensive for their TV budget. (00:49:55)

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