Dawson's Creek

All Good Things... (1) - S6-E23

Plot hole: When Jen and Jack are talking at the B&B, he picks up the bottle of pills from Jen's purse and asks her about them. She lies, telling him they are pills for Grams when in reality they are Jen's medication. But Jack is examining the label closely, and wouldn't he see pretty easily that Jen's name was listed instead of Grams? He had plenty of time to read the entire label. (00:28:40)

All Good Things... (1) - S6-E23

Plot hole: Dawson is in his bedroom, and hears a noise outside his window. He panics, and picks up his laptop to use as a 'weapon' if necessary, while approaching the window. This doesn't seem logical; because for one thing he knows Joey is in town and she has been coming in through that window for years, and wouldn't he think of that first? Also-highly unlikely Dawson would actually use a very expensive Apple laptop as a weapon when it could be damaged, and he relies on it extensively for his work as a Writer/Producer. (00:30:55)

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Jen: Do you remember when you were ten and your Mom wouldn't get you that candy bar that you really, really wanted? Didn't you ever just... Swipe it?
Dawson: No.



At the end of the episode, Dawson is seated in the kitchen talking to Pacey in a normally loud voice. At the same time, Joey and Charlie are awake and talking in the pup tent in the living room, very close to the kitchen. Later in the Season we learn that Joey had no idea Dawson had driven down to Florida to see her, as apparently he left without seeing or talking to her. But being in such close proximity that morning; there is no way Joey would not have been able to hear Dawson's voice as he talked with Pacey. The living room was close enough to the kitchen, so it doesn't make sense that Joey wouldn't have known Dawson was there and if she did-she would have gone to talk to him.



Katie Holmes is the only actor/actress who appears in every episode