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Continuity mistake: The exterior shot they use when establishing Monk's cafe is completely different than what is inside in The Cafe. First the outside has neon lights with just RESTAURANT. The inside of The Cafe, the menus, windows and door all have Monk's cafe logo on them. Secondly the door should be in the middle of the restaurant, instead the interior shows it to be to the left of the restaurant and somewhat to the side. Lastly the windows in the exterior shot are extremely large with no writing, logo and curtains pulled to the side. Inside The Cafe, the windows are much smaller, with permanent curtains coming halfway up the windows and the rest being blocked by Monk's cafe logo.

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Continuity mistake: The inside and the outside of the Costanzas' home do not match up. From the inside, you can see that if you walk in the front door the kitchen would be on your left and a sitting room-type area is on your right (accessible from the living room). However, from the outside, it shows bay windows on what would be the left (kitchen) side and a door to another townhouse on the right (sitting room) side.

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The Jimmy - S6-E19

Jimmy: Oh yeah, Jimmy's ready. Check Jimmy out. Jimmy's got some new moves. [Slips and falls from the water.] Jimmy's down.


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The Suicide - S3-E15

Question: When George and Elaine go to see the psychic, the psychic tells George that she sees a Pauline. George gasps and says that his brother once impregnated a woman named Pauline. Since when does George have a brother? Was this brother shown or mentioned in any other episode?

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Chosen answer: George does mention his brother in the episode "The Parking Space". They actually really never mention anything that contradicts the fact he had a brother though, it just isn't mentioned.

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