Red Dwarf

Me2 - S1-E6

Continuity mistake: When we see Rimmer's Death video, the atomic blast pushes him into the Captain's office. However, in "The End," Holly indicates that the two piles of dust next to each other in the centre of the drive room are Captain Hollister and Rimmer. (00:10:00)


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Me2 - S1-E6

Continuity mistake: When Lister tips his socks onto the floor, he throws the bin behind him, near the bunkbeds. But when he picks them up again, the bin has moved over in front and to the right of him. (00:08:20)

The End - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: When the Captain is making his speech for George McIntyre, he takes his hand out of his pocket and touches his glass. In the next shot, his hand is back in his pocket again. (00:10:35)


Me2 - S1-E6

Continuity mistake: When Lister and the Cat are talking to the original Rimmer in the cinema, the new Rimmer enters and argues with the original. The original Rimmer makes hand puppets, while the new Rimmer sits at the front. When Lister does the ippy-dippy, the Rimmers have swapped places. The new Rimmer says that he was there first, without complaint from the original. (00:23:30)


The End - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: When Rimmer and Lister leave their sleeping quarters, there are two pictures on the wall between the door and the window and a canister on the wall beside the beds. When they are next in the room the items are gone, and at The End of the episode they have all returned. (00:09:20 - 00:12:50)


Waiting For God - S1-E4

Continuity mistake: After Rimmer and Lister argue about the pod, Rimmer walks off and Lister steps into the observation room. As Lister steps in, his locks are over his left shoulder, then in the next shot they are over his right shoulder. (00:14:05)


M-Corp - S12-E5

Other mistake: When Cat picks up the can of Leopard lager which is invisible to Lister, he shakes it, pops the cap and sprays Lister with foam. The foam is visible but the can remains invisible, and that makes no sense. If we are seeing the scene from Cat's point of view the can and foam should both be visible, and if it is from Lister's then neither should be.

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Meltdown - S4-E6

Trivia: "Meltdown" was originally planned to be the first episode of Series IV of Red Dwarf. However, the militaristic tone of this episode - and in particular Dave Lister's strident anti-war speech near The End of the episode - meant it fell foul of the BBC censors. The original planned transmission date (Feb 14 1991) coincided with the outbreak of "Operation Desert Storm" - the Gulf War...and the BBC felt that an "anti-war" episode of Red Dwarf would be inappropriate for a country at war with Iraq.

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Answer: Presumably he does, but it's never been used in any material related to the show. He is the only Cat left (as shown in Series 1), so even if he had once had a name, nobody would know it.

Moose Premium member

Answer: In the book, the Cat finds the concept of a name confusing, as he's convinced he's the center of the universe and the idea that someone wouldn't know who he was is baffling.

Brian Katcher

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