Red Dwarf

Rimmerworld - S6-E5

Corrected entry: If the Rimmers were supposed to be cowardly by nature, why were the 4 Rimmers who arrested the crew all brave? Surely this is a form of behaviour the main Rimmer found to be freakish and punishable by death?


Correction: He would find submissiveness attractive in his concubines and courtiers, but he would obviously want brave and assertive bodyguards. As long as they are obedient to his rule (and they ARE him, why wouldn't they be?) they can be as arrogant and violent as they like.

Rimmerworld - S6-E5

Corrected entry: When Rimmer is narrating, he says he discovered a way to make a fully grown female based on his own DNA. Rimmer is a hardlight hologram and as such is made of light, he possesses no DNA to base the female (or male) clones on.

Correction: Holograms are created based on a DNA sample and brain-scan of the crewmember. Although his holographic body doesn't have DNA in the ordinary sense, his lightbee contains all of his DNA data - that's how it knows what to project.

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