Star Trek: The Next Generation

Redemption (1) - S4-E26

Corrected entry: When Gowron's ship is being attacked, Data says that their port shields are down, and that "they are unlikely to survive another attack from that quarter." The very next shot, Gowron's ship receives 5 shots to the port quarter, all of which are dissipated by the shields which are supposed to be down. (00:30:00)

Correction: Given that forward and aft shields exist, too, it can be argued that the seams where the shields merge or overlap would be approximately in the 10:30, 1:30, 4:30 and 7:30 positions (looking down on the ship with its bow at 12:00). I would further argue that forward shields might be wider, perhaps to the 10:00 and 2:00 positions, but failing that- Of the five volleys fired, one hits the starboard side. Two more hit the forward shields. The remaining two may or may not have been between the 9:00 and 10:30 positions (as the attacker was well forward of Gowron's ship). Too close to call, but assuming they did indeed get through, Data said 'unlikely', not 'impossible', and his next statement is that Gowron's life support system has failed. That sure sounds like 'not surviving' if left unattended to quickly. We may not have seen the hits, but they apparrently got through since life support was knocked out. No error.


Redemption (1) - S4-E26

Corrected entry: Guinan says her goal is to make Worf laugh, yet she already has - in Worf's only scene in "Yesterday's Enterprise" when she says that some women aboard the Enterprise might find him "tame."

Correction: When the Enterprise C is sent back to the past, several changes were made (the captain died, Tasha Yar was present, repairs were made), Based on the Butterfly Effect, this could have caused minor changes in the normal timeline (when time is restored, Geordi is sitting where Worf was, so maybe Worf never went to Ten-Forward in that timeline).

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Picard: Return that moon to its orbit.
Q: I have no powers! Q, the ordinary!
Picard: Q, the liar! Q, the misanthrope!
Q: Q, the miserable! Q, the desperate! What must I do to convince you people?
Worf: Die.



In the beginning of this episode, Riker orders Geordi (who was navigator at the time) to increase to Warp 6. In response, Geordi replies, "Aye sir, full impulse."



The cast really are very good friends. At LeVar Burton's wedding in 1992, the best man was Brent Spiner and the ushers were Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes and Michael Dorn. And when Brent Spiner recorded an album (Ol' Yellow Eyes is Back), the backing groups listed as The Sunspots are again the male members of the bridge crew.