Sex and the City

Twenty-something girls vs. thirty-something women - S2-E17

Continuity mistake: When Samantha is talking to Carrie on the beach, Carrie lifts her arm up and places her hand on her head. The reflection on Samantha's glasses show Carrie lowering her arm, but the shot changes back to Carrie and the movement she is doing is not downwards but backwards, leading hear hand to the nape.

Sacha Premium member

Twenty-something girls vs. thirty-something women - S2-E17

Continuity mistake: While talking to her protege, Carrie stubs out her cigarette twice, right before she runs into Big and Natasha.


Evolution - S2-E11

Continuity mistake: When the girls are at the diner, Carrie pulls the money out of her money clip twice.


La douleur exquise! - S2-E12

Continuity mistake: In the episode where Big returns from Paris, Carrie meets him at his apartment with a beret and 2 McDonalds bags. She says she got a Big Mac and a Filet O'Fish. She asks him which one he wants, holding the Big Mac in her left hand and the Filet O'Fish in her right. Instantly the sandwiches switch hands in the next shot as Big walks to the right.

Randy DeShong

The awful truth - S2-E2

Continuity mistake: After Samantha reads Big's birthday note, her cup of coffee swaps between being next to her mouth to flat on the table, depending on the angle.

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Old dogs, new dicks - S2-E9

Continuity mistake: After Big asks for permission to smoke his cigar, Carrie's arms are either under the table, or on the table depending on the shot.

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The chicken dance - S2-E7

Continuity mistake: When sitting at the bar, Samantha points to Charlotte and her date, who are heading up the stairs arm in arm carrying nothing. Yet in the next scene when they arrive at the honeymoon suite, they suddenly have their arms full with a large bag and a basket.


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