Sex and the City

Evolution - S2-E11

Continuity mistake: When the girls are at the diner, Carrie pulls the money out of her money clip twice.


Evolution - S2-E11

Visible crew/equipment: During the scene when the four girls are at the bar talking, you can briefly see the boom mic swing quickly overhead at the top of the shot. (00:06:10)

Evolution - S2-E11

Continuity mistake: After Miranda says "That's why I'm never borrowing a dress from you" Samantha slaps her gently with her bare right hand but a shot later she has a mug in her hand.

Evolution - S2-E11

Continuity mistake: When Samantha says she's tried to go to a male gynecologist the man to her right is waving his menu, but a shot later he holds it still.

Evolution - S2-E11

Continuity mistake: When the waiter brings the tarts, Carrie's arms are on or off the table depending on the shot.

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Evolution - S2-E11

Continuity mistake: When the girls talk about Miranda's lazy ovary, the bill presenter sometimes has several dollar bills sticking out, others just the check sticks out, and sometimes nothing sticks out.

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Carrie: I stopped watching TV when people started putting leeches down their pants.

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Trivia: Cynthia Nixon, who plays redhead Miranda Hobbes, is a natural blonde. She had to dye her hair for the role.

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Question: When Charlotte won't believe that Stanford's boyfriend Marcus used to be a callboy, Anthony says "Wake up and smell the KY". What is KY?

Answer: A popular brand of sexual lubricant. See

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