Trivia: Matthew Perry's wit is so legendary that the scriptwriters have often incorporated his gags into the show.

Trivia: The Magna-doodle on the door in the boys apartment has a different picture on it every episode. There is usually some tenuous connection between the picture and the plot of the episode.

Trivia: There is only one season where Janice never appears even once: the sixth (she does, however, make a pseudo-appearance when her voice pervades the mixed tape Chandler finds for Monica in the episode where they "make" each other Valentine's Day gifts).

Trivia: All the friends have a lot of expensive things in their apartments, but you have only seen them lock their doors twice.


Trivia: In Friends, Joey is an actor on Days of our Lives, a program on which Jennifer Aniston's dad John Aniston plays Victor Kiriakis.

Trivia: James Michael Tyler was just another extra at first, but since he was the only extra who knew how to use the cappuccino machine he got a bigger part as Gunther.

Trivia: The gold frame around the peephole in Monica and Chandler's apartment was originally the frame of a mirror, but was broken before filming began, and it was decided it should be kept anyway.

Trivia: The spare room (Rachel's) in Monica's apartment has a wall right opposite the door, which serves absolutely no purpose except to block the view into the room from the living room. The bedroom set isn't always built, just when needed, so having that wall makes life much easier. It's completely illogical though, as it's too thin to be a supporting wall, and where it is makes getting into the room a pain.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Trivia: In the series 8 episode where Joey tells Rachel he loves her, the gay waiter in the restaurant is the same as the one in the series 9 episode with Phoebe and Joey's 'evil' plan. His name is Sam Pancake and he has worked in two Friends restaurants.

Trivia: Across the whole show, Ross and Rachel had sex exactly 300 times. In Season 5, Ross says they had sex 298 times. They only have sex twice after that: when Emma is conceived and in the very last episode.

Brad Premium member

Trivia: Before the title "Friends" was settled, other titles considered for the show were "Friends Like Us," "Six of One," "Across the Hall" and "Insomnia Cafe."

Trivia: Virtually the only time that any apartment doors are locked is when it is important to the episode. For example, Monica's apartment door is always unlocked, even when they go out or she and Chandler are having sex, but in "The One Where Underdog Gets Away" (series 1), it's locked when there is all the "got the keys?" business. Also, Ross' apartment is never locked, except for in "The One With Phoebe's Birthday Dinner" (series 9), when they lock Emma in, and in "The One With The Engagement Picture" (S7 E4) when Phoebe has the key and unlocks the door, then Ross demands it back.

Trivia: The artwork on the wall behind the couch in the coffee house changes every 6 episodes

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Suggested correction: That's not exactly trivia. Small businesses, particularly cafes and coffee houses, often show different local artists' work on a rotating basis in an effort to support the local arts.

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Trivia: Phoebe's twin sister "Ursula" actually existed before Phoebe, as a character in another U.S. sitcom, Mad About You. In the first part of "The One With Two Parts," the two characters who come into Central Perk, thinking Phoebe is Ursula, are regular characters from that show.


Trivia: Rachel's sisters are called Jill and Amy. These are the same names as the co-producers of the show.

Trivia: Many famous people are mentioned in the show and some end up guest starring! Two examples of this include Ross's List from Series 3, which includes Winona Ryder, who guest stars as Rachel's friend in Series 7. Also, Joey and Ross mention their favourite movie is Die Hard, and Bruce Willis guest stars in Series 6 as Ross's girlfriend's dad ("Hey, Mr. Stevens, you look like that guy out of Die Hard!"). That is also true for Susan Sarandon and Elle MacPherson.

Trivia: The opening sequence was recorded at 5am.

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Trivia: In "The One Where Rachel Tells Ross", originally shot before September 11, 2001, Chandler and Monica couldn't get on their flight for their honeymoon because Chandler said the word "bomb" in the airport. After the terrorist attacks on the U.S., the story was rewritten and re-shot. The original scenes for this story can be seen on the DVD.

Trivia: The only 2 characters who have not kissed in the show are Monica and Joey. Rachel kissed Monica: to get their apartment back; Phoebe: so Phoebe could see how good a kisser Rachel was; Ross: well we all know that story!; Chandler: to hide that he and Monica were dating had to kiss all three girls after he made the mistake of just kissing Monica goodbye; Joey: the two briefly dated and first kissed in Barbados. Chandler has kissed Monica (of course), Rachel (while covering for his relationship with Monica), Phoebe (while covering for his relationship and also when on a fake date before revealing said relationship), Joey (New Year's Eve in season 1 when Chandler is complaining about not having anyone to kiss), and Ross (implied during Rachel's birthday party where he was very drunk). Ross has kissed Rachel (of course), Phoebe (when he found out his wife was a lesbian), Monica (when he was in college and thought he was kissing Rachel while she slept), Joey (when Joey had to kiss a man for a role and Ross wanted to help him), and Chandler (mentioned to have happened during Rachel's birthday when he was very drunk). Phoebe has kissed Ross (above), Chandler (above), Joey (testing his ability, pretending to be Ursula, after David leaves, etc.), Rachel (above), Monica (before leaving for London, albeit just a lip peck). Rachel - mentioned in this entry already.


Trivia: Courtney Cox was originally asked to play Rachel, but she asked to play Monica instead after reading the parts.


The One At The Beach - S3-E25

Visible crew/equipment: During the scene when Phoebe breaks into the other Phoebe's house and gets caught, the older Phoebe was telling the younger one that the man in the photo is not Frank Buffay, but is Chuck Mangioni. Right after that, as Phoebe 2 walks towards the camera, you can see that the door behind her moves open, and there is a visible shadow of someone who walks by that doorway. (00:19:00)

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The One With Ross's Teeth - S6-E8

Monica: What happened to your teeth?
Ross: I whitened them.
Chandler: Really?
Ross: Yeah, what... What do you think?
Monica: Well, uh, I think I shouldn't look directly at them.
Ross: Come on, seriously.
Monica: Ross, they're really, really, really white!
Chandler: Yeah, what was wrong with your old... Human teeth?
Ross: Well, I did leave the gel on a little longer than it said to.
Monica: How much longer?
Ross: Uh, uh... A day.
Monica: Ross, you know that tonight is your date with Hillary?
Ross: I know! That's why I did it! Come on, are they really that bad?
Chandler: No. No, no, no, you'll be fine. Hilary's blind, right?
Monica: She will be after tonight.

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The One With the Sharks - S9-E4

Question: What's the name of the "scary painting" that Joey saw in the apartment of the girl he thought he'd slept with before? The strange and creepy painting (black and white, with an amorphous body and a chair). I really, really want to know who is the artist. Not Gladys - that's Phoebe's painting that comes out of the frame.

David Cañedo Mesinas
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