Lupin III

Until Sunset, the Full Moon - S1-E7

Stupidity: This is not quite 'stupidity' but rather a "movie logic", supposedly sharp deduction that is really just a wild and nonsensical guess. Zenigata knows for a fact that Fujiko is impersonating Elena because she knew right away where to get the first aid kit, while Elena hasn't been in the mountain house since her husband's death. That makes no sense; Zenigata has to assume that Elena was completely straight about that fact (if it was the treasure's hiding place as he suspected, she easily could lie), and a person can easily remember where they store their security items even after years, for a variety of reasons.

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Season 1 generally

Factual error: Every episode in the first half of this series begins with the same phrase and the same map of the Italian peninsula. Said map though misspells, in a very Japanese way, the north-eastern city of Trento, wrongly appearing as Torento. (00:00:01)

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