Wu Assassins

Ladies' Night - S1-E8

Other mistake: When Tommy gets arrested, the (mirrored) clock in the store does not point anywhere near 9:13, which is the time when he makes the call (s) to Jenny. Instead it points at 8 sharp. (00:04:40)

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Misspent Youth - S1-E2

Other mistake: After the initial flashback, the action is set at night - yet Kai's phone indicates 12:52 PM at home and then 1:53 (PM, in Lu's text message) at Uncle Six's. (00:05:20)

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Gu Assassins - S1-E6

Other mistake: The clock behind McCullough signals 5:10, and he wishes "Good morning" to Zan. It's way too early for the sun to be up. (00:42:40)

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Drunken Watermelon - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: Kai, in the kitchen, is putting the finishing touches to the dish, sprinkling it with peanuts. The peanuts bowl changes position and then disappears completely from the prep station between shots. (00:04:15)

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