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Character mistake: Budd is constantly shown buttoning up his jacket when he exits the limousine prior to Julia exiting. As a PPO, SOP is to unbutton to make reaching his firearm easier, not harder! Also, when he buttons, you cannot see the firearm on his belt at all, even though the jacket is quite tight.


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Character mistake: When the bodyguards enter elevators, they always enter last; they should be entering first to ensure it is secure. This is particularly visible in the hotel where the elevator can stop on any floor and Special Protection Branch does not have complete control of it as an express.


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Character mistake: David is the lead protection agent. At the St. Matthew's bombing, he walks past several of his agents out to the corridor to interview the man with the case, instead of asking the agent who was right there to do it, so that he could remain close to Julia on the stage and protect her.

Episode #1.6 - S1-E6

Factual error: When Commander Anne Sampson appears in her body armour she wears the rank insignia only worn by the Commissioner (a crown over a pip over crossed tipstaves in a wreath) instead of that worn by her own rank of Commander (crossed tipstaves in a wreath). She has apparently been promoted four ranks.


Episode #1.3 - S1-E3

Audio problem: When Julia Montague and her bodyguard David enter the elevator to go down, the pre-recorded elevator message says "going up." Subtitles show "going down." (00:22:15)

Dr. Thomas

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Deliberate mistake: David is shown to have an illegal weapon in his home even though gun control is quite strict in the U.K. Sadly, this is quite a common practice by returning war veterans who feel safer with a gun in the house, as they often suffer from PTSD, as David does.

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Character mistake: David is shown several times putting his service firearm on the back of his belt. Bodyguards never do this as sitting is very difficult, particularly in a car, and it is very hard to get it out in a situation. At other times, he is shown to have it correctly on his hip with a standard retention holster.

Episode #1.1 - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: When David meets the Home Secretary for the first time outside her car, he is wearing a grey shirt. In the next scene (in the lobby) his shirt is white, before turning grey again later.

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