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1 mistake in In Name Only

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In Name Only - S1-E17

Factual error: In this episode the Seals are flying around on the stealth helicopters like the ones used on Operation Neptune Spear (Bin Laden op), but for some reason the Seals are using the outdated night vision goggles with 80 degree field of view and not the GPVG-18's with a 97 degree field of view. DEVGRU use the best gear, they would not be using AN-PVS-15 or 31's. On operation Neptune Spear they utilized the GPNG-18's. (00:25:00 - 00:31:10)

Credible Threat - S1-E18

Question: It shows the tier 1 operators taking the congressman and other officials through the hospital with photographers and film crews everywhere. Aren't tier 1 operators identities supposed to be unknown? Why would they be visible in such a high profile scene?

Answer: They should be wearing balaclavas. They do such operations usually on foreign soil.

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