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20 mistakes in season 2

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Fracture - S2-E1

Factual error: The briefer on the oil platform mission says the platform is 12 stories, and 80 million square feet. Doing the math, that makes it half a mile per side if completely square. It is nowhere near that size as shown. The largest oil rig in the world - Berkut in Russia's Far East - has a combined deck area of only 342,000 square feet. (00:13:35)


Things Not Seen - S2-E12

Continuity mistake: Six people jump out of a C-17 and Blackburn and Mandy are aboard the aircraft. The next shot shows the SEAL team in the air with parachutes. Then the scene goes to an air base in Incirlik, Turkey. Blackburn and Mandy are there. How did that airplane get from 200 miles inside Syria to a Turkish airbase before the SEAL team even hit the ground? (00:17:00)


Never Say Die - S2-E2

Factual error: Jason's wife Alana tells Jason she going to grab H.E.B.'s finest bottle of $12 red, a rotisserie chicken and beer. H.E.B is a Texas grocery store, and the show is set in Virginia Beach, VA, Virginia doesn't have H.E.B. Stores. (00:39:03)


Time to Shine - S2-E13

Factual error: The heart cannot be restarted using a defibrillator, in fact, a defibrillator stops a fibrillating heart. The only way to restart it is chest compression.

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Suggested correction: CPR cannot restart a heart. See below: "BE AWARE Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) will not restart a heart in sudden cardiac arrest. CPR is just a temporary measure used to continue a minimal supply of oxygen to the brain and other organs. When someone is in sudden cardiac arrest, defibrillation is the only way to re-establish a regular heartbeat." From

Just to be clear, "sudden cardiac arrest" occurs when the heart fibrillates, which is not the same as a stopped heart.


Medicate and Isolate - S2-E19

Factual error: One of the Seals is donning a night vision device, and he looks through his Eotech Exps optic and the dot appears red. That is incorrect a holographic sight or a red dot through night vision appears as a dot, there is no red color through night vision. Soldiers rely on their AN/PEQ-15 ATPIAL laser for targeting when they use night vision. (00:23:30 - 00:24:00)

Time to Shine - S2-E13

Continuity mistake: Clay usually carries the H&K416 with the 14.5" barrel with the addition of a Surefire suppressor and a variable optic scope, whereas the rest of the team caries the more compact 10.4" barrel with Surefire suppressors and Eotech optics. Sometimes Clay carries the M110 Sniper, all their gear changes up depending on mission. On this mission Clay is with the 14.5" with scope and later when he exits the sub tube he hands the sub crewman a 10.4" with Eoetch. They didn't switch weapons underwater. (00:00:45 - 00:06:00)

Never Out of the Fight - S2-E22

Character mistake: When Jason is having his toast in the bar, he begins listing up the amount of decorations there are in the room, starting with saying there are three Silver Star medals in the room. Bravo Team alone has eight Silver Star medals. The only operators from Bravo who do not have the Silver Star medal are Blackburn and Full Metal. Full Metal was a real SEAL before going into acting, and earned a Navy Cross that he also wears in the show on his dress uniform. (00:36:36 - 00:37:12)

Things Not Seen - S2-E12

Other mistake: Sonny discovers Lisa's training manual, and it says "Officer Candidates School." It should be "Officer Candidate School." It even says so on the seal right there on the same cover. (00:11:20)


Rock Bottom - S2-E20

Continuity mistake: The team is somewhere in the Kashmir region and there's a few horses around them which appear to be wild. There is no farmhouse anywhere near them. The Seals end up commandeering the horses, and they're riding them. However, the horses have blankets and saddles on their backs. I'm pretty sure it's difficult to ride a wild horse, and they definitely didn't HAHO in on a mission with leather horse saddles and blankets. In addition, there was no farmhouse for them to find saddles to equip the horses. (00:27:15 - 00:28:30)

Rock Bottom - S2-E20

Other mistake: The team is sent to the Kashmir region to capture kill an HVT. In the briefing room it was discussed in episode 19 that Alpha and Bravo teams would be involved in this op. However, it's only Bravo team on the ground and only Bravo that HAHO'd from the airplane. (00:12:58)

Payback - S2-E18

Other mistake: Jason looks through his Eotech Exps optic. The optic is a 1x power so zero magnification, however when he looks through it, it's shown as magnified. The only way this could happen is if the optic was equipped with a 3x (G33) or 5x (G45) flip magnifier which attaches via Picatinny rail behind the optic on the rifle platform. His rifle doesn't have magnifier. (00:21:30 - 00:22:00)

You Only Die Once - S2-E15

Continuity mistake: The Seals are on the edge of the Afghan, Iranian border, it's not raining, it's raining back at the base where the QRF Marines are on standby. When the QRF responds the attack helicopters decimate the enemy there's no clouds, fog or rain, however when the Osprey lands a few seconds later to pick up the Seals the weather is rainy, foggy and cloudy. The scenes were shot on different days. (00:27:30 - 00:34:30)

Outside the Wire - S2-E7

Other mistake: Ray asks about ISR drone overwatch, the Colonel says "a drone will stick out in the city." Jason says to put up chopper which Clay will be in. In the operations room once the mission has started Davis says "ISR is up", and the team is viewing the target on their screens via video feed. The view is directly from up top so it can't be a video feed coming from Clay's chopper since he's viewing the target through his rifle scope at an angle and distance. Drones can fly at 30,000ft, 9100m. (00:22:00 - 00:28:00)

Outside the Wire - S2-E7

Other mistake: The Seal team and the Mexican Marines are discussing an HVT snatch and grab. One of the team asks about using an ISR drone, and the suggestion is shot down with the comment that it would stick out in the city. First of all military drones can fly at 9000m/9km/30,000ft so that statement is false. A chopper is suggested. As the mission progresses one of the team members in the TOC says "we're tracking the target on ISR now." Did they forget what was just said 4 minutes ago? (00:22:00 - 00:26:00)

My Life for Yours - S2-E21

Other mistake: The team finds Ray's helmet which was shot off his head by a bullet. It was one of those 1 in a million shots that was lucky for him, and they do happen in real life. What I noticed earlier was the rest of the team is not donning helmets, they have plate carriers on though. It appeared Ray was the only one with a helmet. If anything he should've been the one without it since his HAHO jump went awry, and he could've lost gear. Doesn't make sense for one guy to don a helmet and the rest not. (00:30:35 - 00:31:00)

The Worst of Conditions - S2-E3

Factual error: The Seal team is heading up the stairs and a terrorist pokes his head out, and he gets shot 4 times with 5.56 rounds. He's dead, but he manages to exhale a grunt and as he's falling down the middle opening of the stairwell, and he's screening "ahhhhhhhh." This show and many like it have found a need for dead guys to exhale grunts or screams. When somebody is killed their brain shuts down. There's no noise being made by the body unless it's the body itself falling like a sack of potatoes. (00:41:00)

Season 2 generally

Question: This season has added the odd effect of a large puff of red smoke/dust whenever someone is shot. It is unrealistic and distracting. Wondering if anyone knows the reason for this change.

Answer: Depending on caliber the body does spray blood from .308 and up.

Answer: Only because it looks cool on screen.

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