Fracture - S2-E1

Factual error: The briefer on the oil platform mission says the platform is 12 stories, and 80 million square feet. Doing the math, that makes it half a mile per side if completely square. It is nowhere near that size as shown. The largest oil rig in the world - Berkut in Russia's Far East - has a combined deck area of only 342,000 square feet. (00:13:35)


Prisoner's Dilemma - S2-E10

Other mistake: The tombstone of his wife says Dec 15, 1988 to Oct 15, 2018 which makes her 29. Their daughter is 17-18 which put her at 12/13 when they had the oldest daughter.

Prisoner's Dilemma - S2-E10

New this month Character mistake: The team is using names of cities in Puerto Rico to show progress on their mission. Condado and Arecibo are misspelled. (00:04:00)

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Season 2 generally

New this month Question: This season has added the odd effect of a large puff of red smoke/dust whenever someone is shot. It is unrealistic and distracting. Wondering if anyone knows the reason for this change.

Jason Hoffman

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