The Man in the High Castle

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Corrected entry: It is stated that Nazi Germany and Japan had invaded the US and successfully occupied nearly the entire country in a little under 2 years (December 1945 to September 1947). There is no way either nation could have successfully invaded, much less occupy the US in that manner. Even with a weakened US, both Japan and Germany still would have to navigate across entire oceans, which neither country had a large enough Naval force to do so (Germany had a hard time fighting England, which was a mere 20 miles off coast of mainland Europe). Also, both countries would be dedicating limited resources to occupying other nations and fighting fierce resistance in those lands (the Soviet Union would take years to subdue for both Germany and Japan). Even if the Axis was able to successfully crush resistance in Europe and in Asia, they would need to wait a minimum of 20 years before developing enough naval capability to launch a successful invasion of the US.

Correction: The history of The Man in the High Castle changed more than 10 years before the invasion of the USA. In that time there were significant changes to the positions of the nations involved. The USA had a continued Great Depression, weakening its position significantly. This would make the country unable to offer any assistance to its allies during the early stages of the war, with the country becoming increasingly isolated. The Japanese Empire and Axis Powers both had significant successes in the war. This led to strengthened positions for both, invading a weakened and isolated nation. Additionally, you cannot simply claim it would take 20 years to be in a position to invade the USA. You have no evidence for this "fact", especially in such a different world to our own.

It doesn't matter if the events are altered ten years before. The Axis still had the British Empire and Soviet Union to deal with and even without US aid, they would still be tough countries to fight. Most Historians agree that even if the point of divergence had occurred as it did in this world, Japan and Germany wouldn't just magically be stronger and conquer the world. Japan had finite resources and Germany would still have to fight both the British and Soviets. Even if Hitler had somehow conquered Russia, the resistance and guerrilla warfare would be fierce and would require years, if not decades, to crush. And neither country had the manpower to invade the US, a country separated from each nation by an entire ocean. Both countries would be stretching their armies and resources way too thin with land they already conquered. Neither nation even had the minimum number of soldiers it would take to land an invasion much less a successful occupation. Especially in a country as big as the US where every other American owned a gun.

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