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2 mistakes in Outbreak

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Outbreak - S2-E3

Character mistake: The ‘Brit', Damien from Scotland Yard, and Emily are outside the archive facility - Damien pronounces ‘route' the American way (rowt, rather than root).

Outbreak - S2-E3

Other mistake: The First Lady mentions that her father's heart transplant was done when she was 10 years old in 2002 which means she was born in 1992, and she was 25 years old in 2017, so when did she give birth to her son Leo who's 17 years old? When she was 8?

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Suggested correction: The First Lady never mentioned a date. Andrew Booker's (her father) heart transplant was done in 1987, according to the medical record found. Her father died in 2002, but that wasn't the year of the transplant.


The First Day - S1-E2

Tom Kirkman: D.C. police called the White House switchboard, wanted to confirm that you worked here. What happened this morning?
Seth Wright: What happened in Michigan. What always happens. When people don't know who their enemy is, they start with people who look like me.

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Question: Just rewatched the series and in the episode where they are operating on President Kirkman to remove the bullet fragments I noticed what I think was a secret service agent in the background of the OR. Is this normal practice for when a president is under anaesthetic or a medical procedure, or was this just because it was after an attempted assassination?


Answer: It would be normal procedure, yes. The Secret Service accompanies the president everywhere, except in very limited circumstances (for example, they don't go into the bathroom with him, or stand in his room while he sleeps). When Bill Clinton had an operation to fix a torn tendon, there was an agent in the operating room throughout the procedure.

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