Designated Survivor

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Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 Pilot 0
2 The First Day 1
3 The Confession 0
4 The Enemy 0
5 The Mission 3
6 The Interrogation 1
7 The Traitor 0
8 The Results 0
9 The Blueprint 1
10 The Oath 1
11 Warriors 0
12 The End of the Beginning 0
13 Backfire 0
14 Commander-in-Chief 1
15 One Hundred Days 0
16 Party Lines 0
17 The Ninth Seat 0
18 Lazarus 0

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Seth Wright: Mr. President.
Tom Kirkman: You don't need to get up every time I walk into a room. I'm not the Queen.
Seth Wright: No, sir. Virtually no resemblance.



The building shown between the stated times is located in Japan instead of the US/Washington DC as suggested by the actions in the scene. This is proven by by the Chinese characters in the dark-gray concrete wall in the lower left side of the frame, as well as the red and blue colored circular road signs in the lower far right of the frame which are not in use in the US but in this combination unique to Japan. The street furniture, such as the road markings, the vegetation and the buildings also resemble Tokyo.